Rona Kennedy

Chief Financial Officer

Rona is the Chief Financial Officer of Arborview Capital and is responsible for the investor reporting, accounting, tax, compliance, and administrative operations of Arborview Capital and its Fund partnerships. Prior to joining Arborview Capital, Rona was the Chief Financial Officer, of Perseus, L.L.C., a buyout and growth equity private equity firm with approximately $2 billion under management. Prior to joining Perseus, L.L.C., Rona was Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer of Thayer Capital Partners, a private equity firm with approximately $1 billion under management.  Prior to that, Rona spent seven years in public accounting at Arthur Andersen and at Beers & Cutler. Rona is a licensed Certified Public Accountant and is active in the Private Equity CFO Association/Mid-Atlantic Chapter. Rona holds a B.S. in Accounting from George Mason University.