Patient, experienced, growth equity investing


For the past two decades, our partners have been teaming with exceptional management teams to build best-of-breed businesses in high growth industries.  We’ve built a reputation as partners and trusted advisors to management teams looking for strategic, impact-focused growth capital that helps create positive change and top-tier returns to all stakeholders.



Envocore is a leading provider of lighting and water retrofit services for building efficiency projects

Over 125 million kWh of energy and 8.5 billion gallons of water saved to date

Rachio is a leading provider of smart sprinkler controllers driven by cloud‐based software and a Certified B Corp

Has saved more than 35 billion gallons of water to date

TemperPack is a leading provider of sustainable packaging solutions and a Certified B Corp 

Advanced, recyclable thermal materials for cold chain packaging  


Shenandoah Growers is the largest national organic herb grower in the US supplying fresh cut and living herbs

Best-in-class vertical farming technology uses less water, energy and land

Vital Farms is the largest national provider of pasture-raised eggs and butter in the US and a Benefit Corporation

Core mission is to bring ethically and sustainably produced food to the table



Size and Stage

We’ve partnered with strong management teams as early as Series A financings and we have also executed buyouts of mature businesses.  We are looking for established, high growth companies that typically have more than $5 million of revenue and for transactions where Arborview can invest $3 million to $10 million.


Energy Efficiency

Resource Efficiency

Efficient Building Materials

Sustainable Food Production

Health and Wellness

Distributed Generation

Renewable Energy

Wastewater Management

Consumer and Enterprise Software


Our portfolio companies create significant value across critical missions such as water conservation, sustainable food production, health and wellness, and energy efficiency.  In addition, our companies strive to create benefits for all stakeholders including customers, employees, vendors, communities, the environment, and shareholders.

Value Add

We are long-term investors who create value by utilizing all of our resources, working with entrepreneurs to accelerate profitable growth and improve the performance of companies to the benefit of all stakeholders. Typically, we are involved at the board level and work directly with management teams on strategic priorities from inception to exit.