Vital Farms now a Certified B Corporation

Vital Farms’ hens live the way birds are meant to: under open skies and grazing on organically maintained green pastures, all day, every day. In addition to enjoying nature’s all-natural salad diet, the girls get plenty of exercise and as a result, these happy hens lay delicious, nutritionally rich eggs with wonderfully thick and flavorful yolks – a superior quality product.

Vital Farms works with over 90 independent, family-owned farms across the United States from Georgia to California. They work closely with each and every farmer to ensure they have the greatest chance at success, promoting a business model that is not only about scale, but also about sustainability and support.

Vital Farms operates according to the stakeholder model, which means listening to crew members, clients and customers, as well as concentrating on their farmers and the communities they represent.


B Impact Report provided by

B Impact Report provided by



Becoming a certified B Corp is a natural extension of the way we do business, but it also challenges us to continually reassess our goals and uncover fresh, innovative ways to improve and succeed.

The Change We Seek

Vital Farms aims to stay at the forefront of a growing movement of post-industrial agriculture. Early on, they were challenged by the mindset that sustainable farming and scale were mutually exclusive, but they have worked passionately to disprove that. They want to show people through their actions that systemic and meaningful change is possible, and that animal farming can be humane and ethical.