Shenandoah Growers Launch Microgreen Retail Packs

Beginning Dec. 1, new retail packs of organic microgreens will be available from Shenandoah Growers, Harrisonburg, Va.

The company featured the new packs for retailers at Fresh Summit in Atlanta.

Matt Lamoureux, marketing manager said the 1.75-ounce packs come in several varieties, including Kale Salad, Spicy Mustard Salad, Mild Salad, Spicy Salad and Asian Salad.

The Spicy Salad pack comes with red amaranth, arugula and red arrow radish, he says.

The firm grows the microgreens with LED lights that optimize the flavor of the microgreeens, he says.

Shenandoah Growers has production in Virginia and is adding production in Atlanta, Indianapolis and Sherman, Texas, Lamoureux said.